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Trap Music Studio? :: It's an all in one Trap Beat software & sample bundle - Creates Trap from scratch FAST!! Beginners :: Learn how to make Trap Beats in minutes! Tutorial videos included & the software is EZ to use. Pros :: You're going to LOVE these Trap samples! So many 808's & trap kits you'll never run out of ideas!
16 Tracks Of Stereo Drum & Key Layers To Build Trap Drops With
EASILY Draw in or Trigger Sounds w/Keyboard shortcuts
Draw In Bars & Build In 2 Clicks - Change Kits/Patterns Fast
Drag & Copy Your Bars Around - Then Edit Each, Easy!
Jog Through 1000's Of Sounds & Drums Browse Or Pre-Set!
Edit Volumes of Each Track (& Each Sound)
Filter Pass on Each Track (& Each Sound) - Mixdown to perfection
Edit Main Master Volume For Clean .wav's - Avoids Redlining
Select Multiple Bars (any/as many as you want)
Double Click On Bars To Open Them - Easy Navigation
Preview Sounds On Your Keyboard - Fast Auditioning Of Kits
Change View Modes - Normal, Blackout, Fullscreen
Bounce Any Layer Or Sound - Bounce To Bigger DAW's
Export Your Mix To Clean 16bit - 44.1 - Stereo .wav
10 Pads per Kit = Most kits are universal - change up beats on the fly
EASY To Lay Your Drum Patterns In A 1:32 Grid Per Bar
TONS OF VARIETY! Drums, quirks, voxes, FX, strings, guns +more
Edit Volume Of Each Pad Perfectly Mix The Whole Kit Easily
Edit PITCH Of Each Pad - Twerk Your Patterns & Sounds
Edit FILTER PASS Of Each Pad - Get Muffled, or High-End Crisp FX
Edit LEGATO Of Each Pad - Prevent Overlap & Mash Up Samples!
Select & Copy Notes - Copy Batches Of Notes Over Within A Bar
Click, Hold, Drag To Draw - Draw A Line Up Of Notes In One Move
Click, Hold, Drag To Erase - Erases Anything It Touches In One Move
Import Your Own Custom Sounds - NEW Import .wav Wizard
Saves Settings Of Everything - Re-open Projects & Keep Working
Export Everything Or Bounce Separately - Mute/Solo Export Calls



TrapAttack Drum Machine Kits & Sample Types
(each kit has 10 sounds - EVERY sound is manually crafted to pound) 


Making Trap beats is actually a lot harder than it seems - that classic 808 bass with distorted quirks and cool vox treatments is subtle and doesn't take many layers - but it's still extremely hard to create from scratch. TrapAttack has stepped up to the plate and created an amazing sample library + ez software for any experience level producer to get that awesome boom boom pow sound - right out of the gate!

Though it's called TrapAttack - you can create pretty much anything with it - DirtySouth, TripHop, FutureSound, DeepHouse, Simple EDM, HipHop, Reggae, Drum'nBass, Jungle, Dub, you name it. It's all about your pattern structure and tempo while utilizing these sounds to their fullest. You can also import your own samples and sequence them, so creative possibilities are endless.

All the samples have had a custom processing treatment so you can really hear and feel the grungy bass, the filthy synths, the THUMP in the drums, and the crispness of the whole thing when you combine a few layers. Once you setup a few simple patterns you'll be surprised at how wicked your tunes sound - and you'll have a greater appreciation for a real 'Trap Sound Library' vs trying to create that unique trap track by twerking out your current sounds and tools.

We also give you tutorial videos that help teach beginners and intermediates how to get the most out of these samples right in our mini sequencer so you can get comfy with common music production workflows and pattern building for drums and melodies.

**These are also compatible with any/all gear that accepts .wav files. We've used them with Maschine, the EXS sampler, Cubase as midi triggered patterns, ableton w/pads.. It's the 'all-in-one trap sound lib.'



Four Octave keyboard - Span Samples Up/Down
Change Your Sample Selection On The Fly!
Edit Filter Pass Of Each Sample - Remove Bass Or Remove Highs
1000's of Instruments- Drums, Voxes, Effects Included
Auto Quantize Your Patterns to 1:32 - Or Double Your Tempo 1:64
Select Multiple Notes With Lasso Tool Then copy/move/erase
Click, Hold, Draw To Create A Line Up Or Drop Down Of Notes
Turn ON LEGATO - Prevents Overlap = Build HOT Bass & Wubwubs
Chord Chart Tool - Full Chord Chart, Click To Lay Any Chord Combo
Import Your Own Instruments (Or Any Sound Really..)
Trigger Sounds On The Keyboard You Type On - Preview FAST



Trap Attack Spannable Keyboard Samples
(No limit to sounds per folder - Bass, SFX, Quirks, Blips, Just TONS of amazing treatments)
Here's a quick look at the spannable sounds in our library - notice how many BASS elements we give you ;)


Rolling Basslines For Trap Beats :: The library also comes with tons of bass and quirk/instruments that are spannable across four octaves (you most often will only use two). Legato enables you to cutoff notes as they play to prevent overlapping and get that great deep bassline sting/loop... Or turn Legato off and chord/overlap notes for that awesome full depth feel in your music.

The keyboard part of the library also comes with drum sets, voxes, wubs, and things that normally wouldn't sound 'right' on the keyboard but this is how we get snare rolls, vox rise/drops, cool gap fills with quirky sounds, and that unique treatment that most Trap has re overall offset/sharp/flat accents throughout.

These are also useable within your other gear so you can roll/span the sounds up and down your keyboard or pad controllers. There are hundreds of basstones that will keep your beats and music sounding diverse without having to keep reusing the same 3-5 because the rest lack that boom.. Our stuff proudly booms and is hand crafted with great dynamics and compression/maximizing to ensure a clean pounding bass without redlining or overpowering your mix.

**In total there are over 1500 sounds in the drum+key banks - that alone is insane for this price! The sequencer is going to enable all you beginner to intermediates to learn music production FAST - and you pros will be able to rip fast beats/melodies/stems from this literally within minutes.



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Another Look At What You Get:

T.A. Software Sequencer - $39.95!!
Over 1500 Samples preloaded - Use w/other gear
Training Videos - Produce Trap in minutes
*NEW :: EDM & VOX Samples - VIP KITS incl.
---- 60 Day Refund Policy



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System Requirements:

Intel-based Macs only
1 GB RAM (or greater)
OS X 10.6 (or greater)
900 MB free space on OS drive

Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Windows XP (SP 2 recommended)
Windows 7 & Vista (32 and 64 bit)
900 MB free space on OS drive
2 GHz (or greater)

**NOTE: YOU ALSO GET TWO (2) LICENSES TODAY - So you can give somebody else a fully authorized copy, or you can run it on two of your own machines - both are identical without any limitations or differences. Enjoy!!

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